New Year’s Revolution!


Start looking at the beginning of the new year in a new way. Set achievable goals for yourself and be kind to yourself as you set a more mindful and compassionate tone to your life. Happy New Year from the Lux Team!


Take care of your body. No need to aim to complete a marathon or swim 20 laps every day for 2017, just make an effort to treat your body with more love and kindness this year. Think about the food you are putting in and the care you take in maintaining yourself. Take the stairs more often, choose active hobbies, limit your TV time and cook your own food more often so you know what you are eating!


Waste less.Be more aware of the amount of trash that your home produces. Do a google search for the amount of trash that humans produce annually and then try to recycle more. Maybe even start your own compost bin and try to garden a bit. Make 2017 a year of little waste.

Get involved. Find a cause or a non-profit that speaks to your heart. Find someone doing something that you think is making the world a better place and join them. Write a check if you want, but more importantly, show up. Give your time and let your life be changed for the better.

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