DIY Decorations with Pumpkins!

No one can deny that pumpkins are delicious and delectable to eat! Aside from Jack-o-lanterns, though, we can sometimes forget that pumpkins can serve as the center of attention in your fall decor!


Why not grab a few sparkly sequins and a handful of sewing pins and decorate your gourd, making it into a magical autumnal celebration of life!


If you’re in the mood for a fun DIY project that really lets you access your inner child, why not use a hot glue gun to attach a collection of wax crayons to the top of your pumpkin and then use your blow-dryer to melt the wax down the side of the pumpkin for a hyper-modern art look?


To curb your appetite, you can dress up your pumpkins in a costume of their own! These painted pumpkins look like donuts and work perfectly for baby showers and wedding showers in the fall! Giant donuts? Yes, please!


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