Adorable Fall Placecards!

Every dinner party can be spiced up a bit with very little effort! Add a little elegance to your next dinner party and create personalized name cards for each guest. This will minimize awkwardness when is time to sit down and give you a chance to plan for optimal conversation in seating arrangements!


Grab that jar of corks you have been collection and slice a small slit into each one. Then slip a piece of paper with each guests name on it into the slit! This works best if your meal will feature a great wine and dish pairing!


Go full turkey with this adorable place cards that look like tiny turkeys! You can find bags of buttons at your local thrift store or craft store! These large birds have become a symbol of fall and can be used for any autumn gathering, not exclusively for Thanksgiving!


Give your guests a feeling of fall with leaf cut outs on each place card. You can pick up the paper-cutters in autumn leaf shapes or cut out each individual leaf. Choose bright and warm paper colors to let your work really pop!


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