Movie Night Gear!

Time to get your supplies ready for the perfect movie night! Before you snuggle in for the cozy experience of watching a movie with your loved one in the dark, going on a journey through your imaginations while you sit happily in your living room, you must gather the necessary gear…


Throw. Warm throws and blankets are of the utmost importance when putting together the ideal snuggle movie spot. Make sure you choose soft options that are kind to your skin in case you gently fall asleep and need to use your blanket as a headrest!


Sleeper Sofa. A comfortable and supportive sofa is a key factor. Your experience will be greatly enhanced if your sofa can be transformed into a bed (by being opened out or folded down depending on whether you prefer the modern sleek look of a futon or if you opt for the traditional silhouette of a sleeper sofa).


Dimming lights. Whether you are watching the tamest romantic comedy or the most gut-wrenching horror flick, it can be nice to have some ambient light on in the room where you are enjoying your film! Having lamps that can dim to appropriate mood lighting will keep you from having to choose between full blaring light and utter darkness!


Snacks. Popcorn in all of its different incarnations in a must. Beverages in spill-proofs containers will allow you to sip at your leisure while you watch, without reaching for a flat surface in the dark and risking spills. Collections of healthy snacks in little containers will offer variety and give you something to nibble on during scary movies to keep you from biting your fingernails!

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