Interior Decorator Tips for a Chic Home!


Accessories as Decor. If you are working in a smaller space and want to avoid stacks of accessories in your tiny closet, piles of scarves gathering dust in your drawers, or tangled jewelry which never gets worn, think about using these sartorial decorative pieces to decorate your home as well! A chic wall of hats, a rainbow hanging of your scarf collection or a simple jewelry stand will save you space and enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home!


Large frame tiny art. Instead of cluttering up every wall with yet another gallery wall, choose a hallway or smaller wall to display a large beautiful frame. Use matting to display one tiny piece of art in the center of the frame. This shows attention to detail and intentionality in your decor.


Color palette for your home. Your home should have a unifying color pallette to connect all of the rooms. Choose your four or five base colors and then let one of these shine in each room with undertones from the supporting cast of the other colors! This way your home will be have a through-line of color with tangential bright spots to avoid the monotony of a completely monochromatic home!

Kids Room Nordic Bliss regarding Brilliant in addition to Beautiful nordic kids room regarding House - Design Decor

Splurge on the timeless pieces. It’s okay to let yourself have a few statement pieces that bend the bank a bit. Just be sure that you don’t go all out for a piece of furniture that will only be in style until next spring! The high-end pieces in your home should be eternal, timeless, and classic. This will liberate you to swap out your more fun decor and accessories more regularly without any financial worry!

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