How to Fill an Empty Space!


Notice the light. Before you begin dreaming about the perfect love-seat or the ideal floor mirror to lean against the wall, take a step back and just examine your empty home. Observe the natural light, notice if you get more light in the morning or the afternoon, be aware of spots that might have a glare, or spots that might need some lighting assistance. This crucial step will save you time and money farther down the decor road!


Remember the flow of traffic. Sometimes we can get so carried away with the aesthetic beauty of our space that we can forget the immensely important practical side of decor! Your home will ideally have people moving through the space, and it is vital that you put some thought in the patterns of foot traffic, how you will get from one room to the next, where the dinner guests will most likely float after a meal, how important the movement from the entryway to the family room is. Any amount of thought you put into the flow of the space will help you choose a floor plan and furniture pieces that enhance the social life of your home, instead of constricting it!


Form follows function. There is nothing wrong with having a gorgeous and insanely impractical coffee table. The only thing to remember is that one the whole, you want your space to serve the function of being a living space and then to take on the aesthetic form you desire. Choosing beauty over function for every aspect of your home will make the space cold and uninviting. Make sure you are choosing a decor that ‘works’ and then you can make sure it is beautiful as well!


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