How to declutter like a pro!



Curate your home. You are the gallery operator of your home, you need to think of your decor as intentionally as you can. The way you arrange each bookshelf, the way you place your tray on your coffee table, the way the soap is set out in the guest bathroom, the number of family photos you have hanging in the hallway, each of these details speaks volumes about your style and the atmosphere you are creating in your home. Avoid ‘accidental decor’ and make sure you are carefully choosing to have your home look the way it looks.


You are your number one guest. Whatever you do, make sure you keep your home beautiful for you, not just for your guests. If we only make our home looks its best when we are entertaining, then we miss out on the simple joy of living in a thoughtfully cared for home. Love your home, and you will love living in it!


Use it or lose it. This rule is simple. If you never use that bathrobe, that immersion blender, that beaded scarf, that bar set, that elliptical machine, or that cumbersome crockpot, give yourself one month. If during that month you still have not used whatever it is, you must part ways. There is no need to unnecessarily clutter your home with objects that have no use for you! Pass them along to someone who will use them.


Think before you spend. This rule is directly linked to the previous rule! Do some solid meditating before you add furniture or decor into your home. This is equally important for anything we purchase and bring into our home without clearly determining whether we need it. Space is a commodity in your home, make sure you only acquire objects that you really truly want in your home!

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