The Entertaining Powder Room

Try to think of your guest bathroom as a place of refuge for your guests. This is a space where they can step away from the dinner party or the social gathering and be alone to recenter themselves! Make sure you provide some entertainment, some comforts and some aromatherapy for them!


The easiest element to add to the decor of your guest bathroom is literature! Whether you place an awe-inspiring National Geographic issue on a small table or take the time to install a floating shelf with a collection of your favorite novels. Providing reading to your guests will make them happy campers and more likely to return for the next dinner party!


Choosing a lighthearted or unusual shower curtain can help create a happy and inviting atmosphere in your bathroom. If the shower curtain you settled on has a distinctive motif or pattern, try to incorporate that theme in the rest of your decor (birds on your shower curtain? Maybe find tiny bird-shaped soaps!).


Let this private moment for your guests be an opportunity for them to unabashedly snoop into your life! Choose postcards from places you love or artwork created by your family or family photos and put together an entertaining and biographical gallery wall!


Play your part as host and do the right thing. Provide your helpless guests with matches and a sweet-smelling candle! Either leave the candle lit throughout your dinner party to ensure a continuous pleasant aroma the entire evening, or leave it up to each guest’s discretion. Candles in the bathroom? Yes. Obviously.


Last, but certainly not least, pick out a rich, thick and stunningly scented hand cream to soothe and moisturize your guests’ hands after they have carefully washed them! This will exponentially increase your guests comfort and they will spread the word of what a thoughtful and prepared host you are!

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