Light up the Night!

We can sometimes forget that the most important part of our Halloween decor is that it is seen! Ensure that your guests and your neighbors can see your amazing decor by taking some time to think about how to light it! The walkway up to your front door and your front yard can benefit from some spooky lighting to guide your local Trick or Treaters! Here are a few ideas of easy DIY lighting projects!


Milk Jug Ghosts. Save 5-10 plastic milk jugs and rinse them out before you start this project! Use a black permanent marker to draw spooky faces onto the milk jugs, choosing chunky shapes for the eyes and the mouth. No need to draw the outline of the face since the milk jug is going to be the whole head! Place a battery operated votive candle inside of each jug and use your recycled plastic jack-o-lanterns to light the way up to your front door!


Eerie Floating Globes! Blow up 15-20 small balloons until each balloon is about the size of your hand. Use papier-mache on each balloon to create tear-drop shaped hollow pendants. Instead of regular paper, try using coffee filters for the papier-mache in order to let the light shine through! Once the pendants are dry, pop the balloons and place one glow-stick in each pendant! Hang these spooky globes in the trees in your yard to create a disembodied lighting effect!   (Originally found on


Glowing Arachnid Home. Grab our favorite DIY craft material: mason jars! Fill each mason jar with cotton balls and little black plastic spiders. Then, carefully insert one glow-stick in each jar amid the cotton to bring your spider’s nest to life! From the outside, the jars will look like they are filled with radioactive spider eggs about to hatch!

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