5 DIY Halloween Centerpieces

Whether you are hosting the ultimate Halloween rager or having a few friends over for a scary movie night or simply sitting down with loved ones for a spooky dinner on All Hallow’s Eve, it can be a lot of fun to put together something extra special to decorate your dining table and really set the mood! I have picked out 5 easy DIY Halloween dining table decorations to share with you that are simple to create! Happy crafting and happy Halloween!


Black Crepe-Paper Flowers. Pick up a few rolls of black crepe-paper at your local Dollar Store or craft store. Keeping one side pinched, rolled the paper into a flower shape. Each flower should take about 1 foot of crepe-paper. Then staple the pinched base and gently separate the open end “the petals” and arrange your somber flower collection in a glass or crystal bowl in the center of your dining room table!


Mummy Mason Jars. Grab 5 to 6 mason jars of various sizes and arrange them on your dining room table. Using white medical tape to secure the first piece and the last end, carefully wrap white medical gauze around each jar to create a mummified jar! Then gently glue a pair of googly eyes to each mummy jar. Place one flickering battery operated candle in each jar to create a lighthearted and sweetly spooky centerpiece!


Paper Pumpkin Place Settings! Cut orange tissue paper into circles and write the name of each of your dinner guest on each piece of tissue paper. Place a few pieces of candy or Hershey’s kisses in the center of each tissue circle (with the names of guests facing down). Then gather up the sides and use green duct tape or green ribbon to tie up the top of your tiny candy pumpkin! Place one pumpkin at each place setting so your guests know where their spot is!


Golden Pumpkins! Give new life to those plastic pumpkin baskets that are everywhere around this time of year! Pick up a few or dig them out of your attic/basement/holiday box so that you can create an original and gorgeous centerpiece for your Halloween party this year! Take your pumpkin baskets outside and place them on a sheet of newspaper. Use a can of gold spray paint to paint your pumpkins! Let them dry and then fill them with plants or flowers. Arrange your newly decked out pumpkins on your dining room table for a shimmering and sweet Halloween centerpiece!

Blood-drenched Candles. This centerpiece is quite fun and pretty easy to put together. You’ll need 3 or 4 chunky white candles. 4 or 5 bright red taper candles.a lighter. Place your white candles on cardboard or newspaper (you don’t want to drip red wax all over your dining room table!). Use your lighter to heat the wax in the red taper candles as you hold them over the white candles and let their red wax drip and run down the side of the chunky white candles. Let the wax dry and then carefully place your creepy candles on chargers or decorative trays in the center of your table! Happy Halloween!

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