Interior Decorator Bedroom Hacks!


Low ceiling? Low furniture and one or two powerful vertical pieces can help create the illusion of higher ceilings in your bedroom! Avoid a headboard that is too large, instead opt for a bed frame that is sleek and low to the ground, adding a tall floor lamp or a statement mirror leaning against a wall to create height!


Boring bedding? If you are bored with your bedding, you don’t necessarily have to replace it all! Stay in the same color palette just add diversity in your pattern and texture. Find accent pillows or a throw in the same color as your comforter but with more variety in fabric pattern.


Cheap curtains? If you are not in the mood to spring for luxury drapery for your bedroom windows, never fear! You can always pick up discount curtains at Ross or Marshall’s, just be sure to grab them in a length longer than you require! This way, you can easily hem them to the length you want and still achieve the proper length of curtain! You always want your window treatment to (at least!) touch the floor, ideally it will create a small pouf of fabric as it lands.


Tempted to go bold? Go even bolder! A dark accent wall can look strange if it contrasts with the molding and the trim on that wall! So go ahead and paint the whole wall for a hyper-modern powerful choice!


Mirror Mirror on the Wall! Be mindful of where you hang your mirror! You want great light for putting on makeup and checking out your outfit but you also want to make sure that when someone enters your room they see something beautiful reflected in your mirror: artwork, your ceiling pendant, the window on the opposite wall!

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