How Many Pillows on a Bed?

The general rule of thumb to follow when arranging the pillows on your bed is “invitingly cozy, not intimidatingly crowded”. To this end, you want to make sure that the majority of the pillows on your bed are functional and useful. You are allowed to have one or two pillows that are entirely decorative and serve no purpose other than to create a beautiful effect! The rest of the pillows should be comfortable to rest your head on for sleep or to lean against while you read a great book in bed!


Here are three simple and easy options for your bed…


Sleek. 4 standard pillows. Two stacks of two. Laid flat. No fuss.


Fancy. 4 standard pillows and 2 euro pillows (square pillows, about 24 x 24 inches) leaning against the stacked standard pillows. The euro pillows can have a gentle pattern or a contrasting color that harmonizes with your standard pillow shams.


Luxe. 4 standard pillows and 2 Euro pillows in the Fancy setup. Then, 1 decorative pillow in the center with a contrasting pattern or tassel. This decorative pillow and its pattern should really bring together the whole room, This pillow is your chance to add some glamour to your bedroom while linking together all of the colors in your decor. Sweet Dreams!

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