What your home should smell like!

Cinnamon Spoon on Light Ground

Cinnamon- If you bake it they will come! Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory effects and can lower your blood sugar level. On top of that, it has a comforting and cozy smell that can help us relax and release the stress of the day! Baking with cinnamon is one option to get that delicious aroma to waft through your home! Alternatively, you can light a cinnamon spice candle to achieve a similar effect! If you opt to bake something delicious with cinnamon, you get the added benefit of friends and family gathering together, sharing food along with a powerful sensory experience!


Citrus- Lemons, oranges, grapefruit, limes, they all give off that sweet, crisp, light scent of citrus.  The cleanest of scents, associated with freshly cleaned rooms and spaces, citrus will help your home continue to be inviting and subtly energizing. Just a whiff of citrus can give you an energy boost if you are feeling a little low and help you stay alert throughout the day!

bunch of lavender flower isolated on white close-ups

Lavender. This should be your go to smell when you feel overwhelmed or exhausted or anxious. A deep inhale of lavender and the slowest exhale you can manage will help slow your heart rate and let you turn off your fight-or-flight response in order to turn on your body’s natural restoration. Lavender is the ‘Sleepytime Tea’ of aroma!


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