Perfect Beer and Pizza Pairings!

It’s been said many times that pizza is to beer what cheese is to wine. If you are ready to become a connoisseur of beer and pizza without having to do any studying or research, here is introductory guide to pairing these two delicious and intoxicating treats!


A classic Margarita pizza (just cheese, plain Jane!) pairs quite simply with the most easy-going of all beer types: the Pale Ale. No need to overdo the flavor when you are eating such a comfortingly unadorned pizza. My personal suggestion: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, we find the super-loaded meat-lovers pizza! If you are chowing down on a pizza topped with sausage, pepperoni, ground beef, bacon and ham, then you need to have a strong and powerful beverage in your hand! A smooth and chocolaty stout should do the trick! Why not go with a classic: gotta get a Guinness!


Hawaiian Pizza brings a lovely mix of meat and fruit to you palate, so your beer should provide the same tangy variety! I recommend a golden ale, and I highly encourage you to try the Kona Brewery Big Wave Golden Ale. This (conveniently Hawaiian!) beer has fruity undertones and slight hoppy bite to it. Mahalo!

pepperoni pizza

If you’ve decided to go for the classic Pepperoni for your pizza night, look no further than a potent IPA beer! The bitterness will bring out the flavor of your pepperoni and the very subtle fruit flavor will cut the spice of your meat! Enjoy!

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