Must Haves for your Fall Party!

There are certain guidelines that can be helpful for throwing a fall gathering in your home! You must, of course, follow your own creativity and sense of style, but these ‘must haves’ can help create a relaxing, fun-filled and successful autumnal party!


Stout. A nice dark beer, carefully selected from the variety of stouts available at most grocery stores, can really complete your event. Even for the faint of heart who tend to gravitate towards lighter beers, a rich, thick, luscious stout will lead them gently into the cozy mood of a fall party!

Three Philosophers Belgian Style Blend is my favorite beer of all time and will add some depth to your beverage offerings! (Runner up for best stout in my opinion is Obsidian Stout from Deschutes Brewery. Cheers!)


Raclette. If you have never tried Raclette (or heard of Raclette!) here is your chance to share a meal with friends and family that they will not soon forget! The word Raclette refers to the dish but also to the specific type of Swiss cheese that is melted and served with meat and veggies over potatoes! The Swiss relative of the French fondue, Raclette is delicious and entertaining. I’m a big fan of meals that involve participation and a fun amount of labor before you get to indulge (think Shabu Shabu, shrimp, edamame, pistachios…etc).

You will need a Raclette machine, cooked potatoes, Raclette Cheese, thinly sliced meat, bell peppers and sliced onion and a large appetite! Each guest will place their meat and veggies on the top grill while they place a slice of cheese into their Raclette tray. As the cheese melts, the meat sizzles and the veggies get nice and crispy! Then they will place their meat and veggies onto a slice of potato, then pour the melted cheese over the whole thing! Devour and repeat and devour and repeat!


Caramel Apples.

Let us not forget the embodiment of fall sweet treats! Caramel Apples! Whether you simply dip the apples in caramel or whether you go to great lengths to make your apples the most decorated and adorned of all time, this classic autumn snack will hearken back to your guests happiest childhood memories!

Stick one Popsicle stick into each apple that you plan on dipping.


Chill your apples in the fridge for a couple of hours before you start preparing your treat, this will help the caramel harden faster onto your fruit! Then melt some caramel bits in your microwave. Dip each apple into the caramel then roll the gooey apple in your toppings!


Then place the coated apple on a cookie tray with aluminum foil in it that has been coated in cooking spray! Place the tray in your fridge to let the caramel cool! Drizzle your apples in melted chocolate for extra beauty and taste!

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