Lighting Hacks for your Outdoor Event!



Battery Candles in mason jars. This trick is quite simple. Grab a dozen mason jars (or clear glass cups from your pantry) and place them strategically in your garden. Place one battery operated votive candle in each glass container. This will look especially nice if you opt for the candles that have the realistic flicker effect!


Rig up lanterns in your garden. Place glass or metallic lanterns throughout your outdoor space so that you know where you would like to have them live. Once you know where they will look the best, cut a hole in the bottom of each lantern and thread a bulb socket through the base. Choose whatever type of light bulb suits your lanterns (I recommend Edison bulbs if you have clear lanterns!) and plug in your lights!


Solar lights. If you haven’t already, it is time to pick up solar lamps from your local hardware store! If you have the option of using sunlight to power your garden lights at night, then why not opt for renewable energy? They might not last all the way through the entire night, but they are usually strong enough to light the path to your front door and burn bright through a standard dinner party!


Strings of cafe lights. These spherical bulbs of happiness will transform any outdoor space into a romantic, enticing wonderland! Take a step back from your garden or balcony and see where they would best serve your space. I recommend sketching out the layout of your lights before you begin hanging anything!


Open your windows! If your outdoor dining or socializing space is close to your home, consider opening your windows and letting the homey cozy interior light flood out to the outdoors. This can create a welcoming “cottage in the woods” effect and help increase visibility for your guests!


Moonlight! Let us not forget the intoxicating beauty of living by the light of the moon! If you are flexible on the date of your outdoor event, consider factoring in the cycle of the moon and planning your gathering on a full moon! As long as you don’t have any werewolves in your circle of friends, this should significantly boost your lighting outdoors!

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