4 Reasons to Light a Fire!


Let us hope that we never lose the childlike joy that lighting a fire can bring! From the moment we discovered fire as a species, it has kept us warm and guided our footsteps in the dark. Even with all of the amenities of modern life, we should still take a step back and enjoy the community building and peaceful practice of a good fire.


Candles. There is nothing quite like the flickering light of a candle in a darkened room. The soft glow of candles lighting up your room as you sit down on your rug or a small pillow to let you mind quiet down, your thoughts still, your eyes adjust to the soothing light around you.

armoatherapy incense sticks

Incense. As far back as the Egyptians, we have been using incense to purify the air we breathe, to reach out to the unseen, to find peace in our lives. Find a time of day or a day of the week that you can take time to light a stick of incense and let the sweet age-old scent float delicately through your home. Even without the ancient belief that the smoke of the incense brings prayers heavenward, we can think about the smoke rising and lifting stress away or watch the smoke curl away as we imagine unhelpful and harmful thoughts drift away from us.


Fireplace. Gathering around the hearth for warmth and community is about as old as we are. Getting lost in the flickering flames and dozing off as someone tells a story from long ago. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, dust it off this fall and host a happy moment around the fire. Choose a delicious smelling, well-seasoned wood to keep the air smelling woodsy and powerful in your space ( I recommend birch, cherry or yew!).


BBQ. Break bread with your friends, share a meal with your family, prepare food with a loved one. So much of our communal existence revolves around the process of cooking and eating together. By lighting a fire and roasting our food on a barbecue, we hearken back to a strong family connection that reaches back to our oldest ancestors. Take the time out of your busy schedule to truly prepare a meal together, I promise it will taste better.

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