Zen Summer Recipes


COCONUT RICE: Rice is one of the most soothing ingredients to calm the mind (and the stomach!). Prepare 1 cup of rice with 5 cups of water and let the rice simmer for longer than usual to extract as much starch as possible from the rice to make it easier to digest! The rice should look ‘soupier’ than normal rice. Add 6 tablespoons of coconut water and a pinch of cayenne for a soothing zen snack! 1 cup of rice



LAVENDER TEA: Pick up a bunch of lavender from your local flower market or park (lavender often grows wild and it won’t harm the bush to grab a handful!), place the lavender in your tea infuser of choice and let the lavender infuse your hot water! Then, add a splash of warm soy milk to complete this soothing and flavorful drink!


LIME PAPAYA: Nothing calms the spirit like a bit of island flavor! Swing by your local farmer’s market or produce stand and grab a ripe papaya! Slice the papaya in half and gently scoop out the dark black seeds (without removing too much of the delicious flesh of the fruit!). Squeeze the juice of one lime over the papaya half and drizzle with honey! For a final soothing touch, add a pinch of sea salt to really bring out the full flavor of the papaya!

CHAMOMILE BANANA SMOOTHIE: Dust off your blender because this is going to be epically relaxing! Steep a cup of chamomile tea for much longer than you would for drinking tea. Then, pour the tea along with three frozen bananas, a cup of ice made from coconut milk, a dash of vanilla extract and about 3 spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt into your blender! Blend. Enjoy. Relax. Breathe. Chamomile. Yes.

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