Containers for a Calmer Life


-Bedroom: Try having a small basket for lotions and oils next to your bed on your nightstand. This will serve to consolidate your lotions in one place and to remind you to take some time to love yourself every day!  Rub a dime size dollop of lavender scented lotion into your arms before you head off to dreamland, this will help deepen your breathing and let you focus on rest instead of your to-do list!


-Entryway:  The never-ending quest for an organized and beautiful entry console can be more easily solved than you think. Carefully pick out two baskets or trays for your entryway table or console. Keys in one basket, miscellaneous in the other! These containers  will help make the moment that you arrive home less stressful. As soon you as you get home you need to start unwinding and relaxing: seeing a pile of clutter will be counterproductive!


-Kitchen: Take the time to pick out a few containers for your kitchen for your dried goods. Opening a cabinet to see a nice clean line of air-tight containers with your flour, lentils, rice and sugar will help calm the mind before you start to prepare a meal!

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