5 Yoga Tips for the Busy Woman


FULL BODY Stretch your body before you even start to stand up! Take a deep cleansing breath before you get out of bed then stand up out of bed on your next deep inhale. This will help your body prepare for movement and gently begin each day.

I'm catching every moment of life
I’m catching every moment of life

SPINE: Alpha Chimp pose first thing in the morning. As soon as you are out of bed. Lift both arms above your head and open your fingers wide. Reach up. If you feel stable enough, try and go up onto the balls of your feet. This will get your testosterone flowing (yes, testosterone, for everyone!) and help you feel in control and ready to face your day. Power pose!


HANDS:As you are washing your hands after using the restroom, take the time to massage your fingers and your hands.You should be washing your hands for 20-40s in warm water so use that time to give some love to your finger joints and your hands (particularly that strong muscle between your thumb and index!)


FEET: As you sit at your desk, life one foot and then the other rotating your ankle and flexing then pointing your toes. Then switch to the opposite foot. This will increase circulation in your feet and legs!

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