4 Summer BBQ Must Haves!


RUM: Grab a mason jar from your collection (the larger the better!) and fill it about two thirds of the way with fresh pineapple slices (not canned, I repeat: not canned!). Then whisk about a half a cup of clear rum with two or three tablespoons of honey! Pour the honey/rum mixture over the pineapple. Add more rum to the mason jar leaving about a half an inch at the top. Seal the lid tightly and shake, shake shake, shake! Leave the mason jar in your cupboard or pantry for one to two weeks and then enjoy a homemade pineapple-infused rum that will wow your guests!!


COCONUT: Your guests need something delicious to snack on while the meat sizzles on your grill! First, pick up a pound or two of shrimp at your local market. Then you will proceed to fry your shrimp as you usually would with two important changes: Add beer to your egg (which you will dip your shrimp in after you cover it in flour) and roll the shrimp in shredded coconut before you fry it! These two simple changes will give your fried shrimp a delicious island flavor!


PORK SLIDERS: Smoke your pork shoulder in your dutch oven or in your traditional oven using wood chips. Then, place a tray of tiny burger buns open in your broiler! Once they are nice and toasty, remove them, add some juicy smoked pork and a generous helping of Hawaiian BBQ sauce! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy…ahhh.





WATER: It is pretty easy to forget to hydrate during a fun outdoor summer party! The last thing you want is cranky guests who are too hot to realize they are dehydrated! Place a few large pitchers of ice water with a few slices of lemons strategically throughout your yard to encourage your guests to stay happy and headache-free!

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