It’s Time to Go Global!


Spanish Tiles: Add a bit of southern European flair to your kitchen or your outdoor space by picking out a few brightly colored tiles! These will give new life to a dumpy backsplash or bring more charm to a boring outdoor coffee table. Be sure to pick a color theme so that your mosaic tile pieces fit together well without clashing or competing for attention!


Moroccan shag: For a cozy chic look in your living room, consider a Moroccan shag rug with a fun geometric pattern! The bright spots in the shag will brighten up your room and the long soft wool creates a nice hangout spot that you can liven up with poufs and pillows for the full Arabian lounge area!


African baskets: It doesn’t take a lot to bring the African heat right into your kitchen or your dining nook! Find a few brightly colored woven baskets or wicker trays to help you organize and dress up your space. These powerful accent pieces will work best if they are next to monochrome furniture or hardwood floors. Remember that they will bring a strong earthy and natural vibe with them so feel free to contrast with glass or metal furniture near them!


Vietnamese light: Consider a change of pace in your lighting this summer! Swap out your traditional pendants for a fun, whimsical Vietnamese lantern. These lanterns will add a whole new design storyline to your dining room and provide plenty of conversation!

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