Clean up your entryway with these 5 ideas!


DIY Storage: Nobody likes a messy mudroom, but most of us have one! Your mudroom might only be the space directly inside your front door, but that doesn’t mean it can be a catastrophe! For a fun DIY project, pick up a few crates from Michaels or your local craft store and paint them a fun bright color, glue them together and you’ve got a bright shoe rack or summer swim gear storage!


DIY Storage #2: For a storage option that can double as a bench, pick up two or three sturdy plastic crates, throw them on their side and wire them together for a quick spot to sit while you put your shoes on and an easy spot to store your shoes when you’re not wearing them!


Wipe those feet off! Nothing compares to a strong durable door mat. If you’d like, you can choose one with a sweet message or use long-lasting spray paint and a stencil to create a personalized design. However, this is a case where the design matters far less than the function! One bristly, sturdy doormat = no more dirty floors or tracks of mud!


Umbrella Box! What to do when a summer squall catches us by surprise? Be relaxed because you invested in a functional draining umbrella stand and a few cute umbrellas to use and lend to your guests! Keep your umbrella stand well stocked and well-drained and you will avoid a wet entryway and dripping guests!


Arctic Entryway Logic! Let’s take a page from the book of our northerly neighbors in Alaska! Keep one section of your home (between the front door and the rest of the house) that is easy to clean and easy to maintain! Try not to put your best rug in the entryway that gets the most traffic! Function as if you have a buffer zone between the outside world and the depths of home nest!

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