5 Fun Framing Ideas!


No need to go shopping for that perfect frame when you have a nice clean wall right in front of you! Measure out the size of the piece you would like to frame, find a can of paint in a subtle accent color, grab a roll of blue painter’s tape, get started on your 2-dimensional picture frame!


The time has come to upcycle that old picture frame that you have been meaning to find a photo for and yet have left to dust in a drawer or under a bed! Armed with your bowl filled with corks that you are saving (for some craft project in the very distant future!) and your handy dandy glue gun, lay out a pattern on the frame that you are happy with and then glue-away! Be sure to let the glue set for a full 24 hours before you use this lovely piece. Cheers!


Not feeling the cork option? No problem. Pick up a can of Rustoleum Mirror Spray (available on amazon or at your local Ace Hardware! Remove the glass from your old unused or slightly dated picture frame. Clean the glass. Let me repeat that: clean the glass! Use rubbing alochol to make sure your glass is spick and span before you apply your mirror spray. Let the spray dry and voila: you have yourself an antique finish mirror where once you had but a dumpy old frame!


Take a wander through your local flea markets, Goodwill stores, and vintage consignment shops. Do your best to find a picture frame (with glass!) that’s about the size of a kitchen tray (~11×18 inches). Use the glass to measure out cardstock or the paper of your choice to create a unique background for your tray! (nb: you will be able to change out the background as often as you’d like so let yourself get creative with color and pattern!). Pick up a pair of cabinet handles from your local hardware store. Use a drill to attach the handles to the side of your picture frame to create a funky new tray!


When in doubt, chalk paint can solve most boring picture frame problems. If you have been staring at your large boring wooden picture frame for weeks, trying to figure out what you can do to give it new life and add a little bit of oomph back to your space…chalk paint time! The most important thing to remember with chalk paint is to keep a rag handy to wipe off the excess paint in order to create that warm rustic look! Have fun!

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