Let Us Help You With Your Gallery Wall


  1. Straighten it up! Make a quick trip to your local hardware store and pick up a standard level, the last thing you want is a crooked gallery wall!


2. Measure twice, cut once! Cut out paper or cardboard templates of the pieces you would like to use for your gallery wall. This way you can tape them to the wall using painter’s tape to ensure you are happy with the configuration before you start drilling into your wall!


3.Color! I would recommend choosing one pop of color as an accent for your gallery wall. This does not mean you can’t have other colors, it just means that when you squint at your wall, there will be one dominant theme color to unify your wall. This will keep your gallery wall from feeling over-crowded with color and a bit dizzying to the eye!


4. Frames! In order to keep your gallery wall under control and classy, I recommend limiting yourself to one or two frame colors until you really get the hang of it. This will not only promote a united feeling, as the whole wall is really one big art piece, but will also help with coordinating your wall to the rest of the room!


5. Balance! If you find that you are primarily choosing larger pieces for your wall, try and add in one tiny frame to offset the others. The same goes if you are creating a wall entirely of itty bitty frames, it will look better if there is one contrasting larger piece to create a more balanced look.

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