Curtains: Dos and Don’ts


DO: Use a couple solid pieces of rope to make DIY rope ties!

DO: Opt for a beautiful loft feeling in your home by using painter’s drop cloths (available at your local Home Depot!) and spray painting lovely stenciled designs to create one-of-a-kind curtain panels!

DO consider trying a light and sheer curtain panel with a Moroccan or mosaic pattern. This will create a breezy summer feeling in your space while still allowing for privacy!

DO invest in a steamer for your curtains! Wrinkly and creased curtains will destroy the ambiance in any room (the exception of course, being linen curtains which naturally have a rumpled, lived-in appearance!)

DON’T put yourself through the exhausting process of ironing your curtains! This is a time-sink and will usually end in frustration and more creases!

DON’T overcrowd you windows with too many window panels! Measure your windows carefully and keep in mind that the width of the curtains should be about 10 inches wider than your windows to create nice folds in the curtains as they hang.

DON’T choose a pattern for your curtains that competes with any other pieces in your room. If you already have a vibrant and bold pattern in your bedding or your rug, choose a calmer monochrome option for your curtains.

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