5 Ideas for DIY Windchimes


1. Up-cycle Utensils! This DIY wind chime is perfect for a back porch or a window outside of your kitchen! Attach your old kitchen utensils (whisk, spatula, measuring cups..etc) to a wire basket from your local thrift store with twine. Ensure that the utensils are hanging close enough together to create a soft metallic tinkle in the wind!


2. Bottle Business! Start saving wine bottles after dinner parties until you have three white wine bottles. You can use red wine bottles but the light will shine much better through the green glass! Carefully use a glass cutter and sander to cut of the bottom three inches of each bottles. Then, thread a chain with hooks through all three bottles (the corks will hold the chain in place). At the bottom of the chain, you can attach beads or any extra old metal jewelry you have, to create the chime effect against the glass!


3. Key Cacophony! If your junk drawer has a surplus of old keys and no one in your household can remember what they belong to, it is time to upcycle an old wind chime that you can pick up at your local thrift store! Using twine, you can add your collection of old keys to the wind chime, creating a memory piece of all of the keys from your past!


4. Seashell Sounds! Here is yet another use for the seashells and sea glass that you collect from family trips to the beach! Carefully drill holes in around 30 seashells and thread them together with fishing twine in columns of about 5 or 6. The sea glass can be attached at the bottom of each column by wrapping the twine around them and then super gluing the twine to the glass! Knot the twine to a piece of wood and you have yourself a beautiful and soothing wind chime from the sea!


5. Wonderful Wood! Take a browse through your attic, your basement, your storage unit, and your home to see if there are any pieces of wooden furniture that do not get used enough to warrant keeping them around! If so, consider recycling pieces of them into painted pastel wind chimes that create a lovely soft wooden music when placed in the wind!

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